How to dock the tool box to the sides ?

  • Patrick Giraudoux

    I was used to work with the tool box docked to the right side of the Tinn-R main frame. For some reasons, the tool box has undocked and is now floating... I can dock it again quite easy dragging it to the top or to the bottom, but cannot get it docked to the right as before (same negative result if I try to the left).

    Any hint about how to proceed ?


    • jcfaria

      jcfaria - 2009-04-24


      I've been observing the pointed out in some computers under Windows XP, not under Vista Family.

      To restore the default position the Rterm and Tools interface, go to:
      "Options/Application/Main/Dock" and check the box "Restore default".

      PS: Read the message below to the box!


      • Patrick Giraudoux

        Thanks !

        The restore option permit to dock the toolbox at the left of the main frame, which is better than nothing BUT, I still cannot place it at the right...

        I am usingWindows XP, indeed.


        • j j

          j j - 2009-08-06

          I have the same problem. I did manage to move the tools to the right on my other machine but can't remember the procedure! It seems like there was a hotkey or something. Please help jcfaria!

          • jcfaria

            jcfaria - 2009-08-06


            Hummm... It has been reported by few users.

            In fact, I do not know the origin and it is not reproducible for me under Vista Ultimate, Vista Home Premium and XP.

            Try to make al dockable interfaces visible: Tools and Rterm. After it, try to drag and drop both (left, top, right and botton). Let me know the results.


            • j j

              j j - 2009-08-07

              Ok, I think (with your help) figure it out. First went to default docking scheme (options-application options, Docking, default), restarted Tinn-R. Then, and I think this is what helped, I maximized the screen (alt-space-x). I dragged the rterm box to floating, then the tools box to floating. Next I dragged the tools box onto the rterm box (thus docking it). Finally I dragged this new "double interface" to the right side and wala! It is now docked on the right.

              I'm not sure if I needed the tools docked onto the rterm or not but I suspect maximizing the rterm screen is what helped the most.

              Thanks for the suggestions!


              • j j

                j j - 2009-08-07
                • Correction: I meant maximizing Tinn-R, not the rterm.
            • Alejandro Ruete

              Alejandro Ruete - 2014-06-18

              This indeed solved the problem for me

    • Stuart Ball

      Stuart Ball - 2009-04-27

      I have the same problem at work (Windows XP Professional) and at Home (Windows Vista Home Prenium) except I can only get it to dock to the top of the main form (not the bottom). I agree that "Options/Application/Main/Dock" and check the box "Restore default" [then you need to restart Tinn-R] fixes it in the sense that it restores the default - i.e. docked on the left, but doesn't actually fix the problem - i.e. docking where I want it which is on the right! I also find that if I attempt to rearrange the toolbars they float and then are EXTREMELY difficult to do anything with or restore.

      The moral seems to be, don't mess with the default arrangement.


  • babydinosaur

    babydinosaur - 2010-05-04

    Stuart, or anyone else,

    Regarding the toolbars... have you found a way to re-dock or restore floating
    toolbars to the usual position?

    Some how, my R toolbar is floating... and is now extremely annoying, as there
    does not seem to be anyway to re-dock it. I tried uninstalling and re-
    installing Tinn-R, but the floating toolbar remains. Also following
    instructions by JCFaria can reset the tool box docking, but not the toolbars!


  • Udo Junghans

    Udo Junghans - 2010-05-05

    Hello sarichka10,

    You can dock the toolbar as button-like thing at the top and at the right
    side. I had the same problem. Close the floating toolbox and open it again
    (View/Tools/Tools show hide) and drag it to the upper or right border of your
    mainscreen when no file is openend it should work.



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