setWindowTitle breaks connection to RGui

  • Dave Hewitt

    Dave Hewitt - 2009-09-02

    I am on WinXP with the latest Tinn-R ( and R (2.9.2). When I include a setWindowTitle() in my or issue it from the RGui console, Tinn-R's connection to the console breaks. I though this was an old issue that had been resolved, but I am up-to-date on everything and it still happens. Any ideas?

    • Francisco Velasco

      Had the same problem some time ago, now I'm working with R 2.9.1, and my has the window title option but below the library(utils) and only below the options for html help, it reads:



      Check necessary packages

      necessary = c('TinnR', 'svSocket')
      installed = necessary %in% installed.packages()[, 'Package']
      if (length(necessary[!installed]) >=1)
      install.packages(necessary[!installed], dep=T)

      Load packages


      Uncoment the two lines below if you want Tinn-R starts always R starts

      (Observation: check the path of Tinn-R.exe)



      Set options


      Start DDE


      .trPaths <- paste(paste(Sys.getenv('APPDATA'), '\Tinn-R\tmp\', sep=''),
      c('', 'search.txt', 'objects.txt', 'file.r', 'selection.r', 'block.r', 'lines.r'), sep='')

      The only problem I still have is that Rgui is not able to update the folder when I change folder manually within R (segwd()).
      Anyway what I did was to follow the instructions to configure permanently Rgui in Tinn-R on menu r>configure<permanent, and add later the window profile.
      Hope it helps

    • jcfaria

      jcfaria - 2009-09-03


      It was really resolved, but, the soluction is dependent of the user option.
      Tinn-R will recognizes also Rgui if the user use the option 'setWindowTitle()', but it is necessary to change the default configuration.

      To change it, in the main menu of Tinn-R go to: Options/Application/R/Rgui/Recognition and mark Type (caption search) to Partial.

      This option has an incovenient: Tinn-R will recognizes as an instance of R any Window with the word 'Console' in the caption.


  • Dave Hewitt

    Dave Hewitt - 2009-09-23

    I can't think of any other programs I run that have "console" in
    their program captions, so this should work for me. Thanks JC.

    One question I do have is the most parsimonious way to set this option (really
    an R question I guess). I'm not entirely sure where I got this snippet, but I

    setWindowTitle(paste('-', getwd()), title=paste(getIdentification(),
    paste('-', getwd())))

    but fvgls used simply


    The only difference I see is this dash between console and path.

  • Francisco Velasco

    I got the snippet from some old script posted by Venables long time ago and
    have kept it from Rprofile to Rprofile, it gave some problems for a while but
    then it started working properly again after placing it downwards in the file.
    Nevertheless it does not update when I change the folder in a script, and as
    said in some other post, I'm having many problems with saving the workarea
    using Tinn-R and Rterm.... but haven't had much time to fiddle around with

  • jcfaria

    jcfaria - 2009-09-23

    I'm having many problems with saving the workarea using Tinn-R and Rterm....
    but haven't had much time to fiddle around with this

    Very strange, it is too simple!
    Let me know what is happening...


  • Francisco Velasco

    I posted a message sometime ago, don't know exactly what happens, you told me
    to look in the working folder and locate this using getwd(), but that is what
    I did.
    I think it may be related with changing folders in the middle of the script,
    but not sure, what I do is simply go to R>Rterm>Workspace>save
    through the menus, but if I don't do this and just select to save the work
    area when I close Tinn -R and Rterm, I can't find any work area in any of the
    folders I've been working, nor the root one neither the last one I'm in at the
    end. I only find an .RDataTmp file that sometimes is large, but can't open

  • Francisco Velasco

    By the way, best and thanks in advance...... problems of being in a haste to
    end some errand and having to leave for a while

  • Dave Hewitt

    Dave Hewitt - 2012-11-21

    In case this is helpful for others...

    When I upgraded my OS to Win 7 (late to the game, I know) and was setting up Tinn-R ( and R (2.15.2), this setWindowTitle issue popped up again. In the past (Win XP, Tinn-R, R 2.14.0) I had used the syntax I have above (without utils::...) and Tinn-R settings for R -> Rgui -> Recognition of 'Both' with partial caption search. That did not work in my new setup. The only settings in Tinn-R that worked for me are setting partial caption search with 'All', the last option. No idea why, but this works. I am using my syntax for setting the window title, but all it does over the utils:: syntax is add a dash before the path. Both work for me.

    • Dave

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