Rnw --> pdf in one keystroke

  • Daniel Cher

    Daniel Cher - 2014-02-19


    Hi, I'm new user. I have question similar to that posted here: http://sourceforge.net/p/tinn-r/discussion/481901/thread/13db554d/

    I have a file: myfile.Rnw. Ctrl-k produces myfile.tex. Works great. I click on ctrl-alt-P and it displays nicely in Acrobat.

    I'm looking for a shortcut that will produce myfile.tex AND display it in Acrobat (or Sumatra) with 1 key stroke. Is there an option for this?


  • jcfaria

    jcfaria - 2014-02-19

    Dear Daniel,

    The way to generate a PDF is like you are doing:
    1 - Ctrl + K to generate the tex file

    2 - CTRL + ALT + P to compile tex file to PDF

    Note that if the process is made more than once you need to update the
    file opened .tex before compiling again.

    The reason for the Tinn-R does not automate the whole process (Rnw ->
    Tex -> PDF) is that there may be some error in the Rnw. When we are
    creating a Rnw errors generally occur. Having errors the entire
    process would be lengthy (depending on the size of the Rnw) and
    consume unnecessary computer resources.

    The shortcut to update .tex is Ctrl + Shift + R (by default).

    All the best,


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