trPaths problem sending more than 1 line

  • Ana

    Ana - 2011-05-23

    Hi everybody.

    I am having a classical "source(.trPaths .." problem with a twist. I can send
    on line of code to R (64-bit R version 2.13.0, Windows 7) but I can not send a
    selection with more than one line.

    I am familiar with the "source(.trPaths .." conflict, and I have successfully
    installed and configured Tinn-R in different computers, versions and colors.
    My is down here, but as you can see is the usual one. The paths
    are correct. Initially I could not send any code, so I followed the forum
    recommendations (
    and manage to send one line, but no more.

    Any idea about how to solve it?

    R version 2.13.0 (2011-04-13)
    Platform: x86_64-pc-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
    OS: Windows 7.


    Tinn-R: necessary packages and functions

    Tinn-R: >= with TinnR package >= 1.0.3


    Set the URL of the preferred repository, below some examples:

    options(repos='') # USA


    /)') # UK


    r/CRAN/)') # Brazil


    Check necessary packages

    necessary <- c('TinnR', 'svSocket')
    installed <- necessary %in% installed.packages()
    if (length(necessary) >=1)

    Load packages


    Uncoment the two lines below if you want Tinn-R to always start R at start-


    (Observation: check the path of Tinn-R.exe)



    Set options


    Start DDE


    .trPaths <- paste(paste(Sys.getenv('APPDATA'), '\Tinn-R\tmp\', sep=''),
    c('', 'search.txt', 'objects.txt', 'file.r', 'selection.r', 'block.r',
    'lines.r'), sep='')

  • wanderer

    wanderer - 2011-09-19

    I researched a bit. Everyone seems saying that the problem is because Windows
    sets the temporary folder as read-only.
    Here's my solution:
    1. Check the location of the temporary folder in R using Sys.getenv('APPDATA')
    2. Look for the Tinn-R\tmp\ folder in the place of (1)
    3. Change the read-only properties for the folder

  • Zenonn87

    Zenonn87 - 2012-03-16

    I have got a solution worked for me. Make the follow steps in Administration
    mode: R -> Configurate -> Permanaent.
    Than delete the # mark from the UK and Brasil repository. Like this:

    ## Tinn-R: necessary packages and functions
    ## Tinn-R: >= with TinnR package >= 1.0.3
    ## Set the URL of the preferred repository, below some examples:
    options(repos='[url][/url]') # USA
    options(repos='[url][/url]') # UK
    options(repos='[url][/url]') # Brazil

    Run with hand all of the line (not just the the passage quoted above) and it
    should be fine.

    For me it worked. I read a lot of forum about this problem non of them worked
    for me. Tried re-installation, older version, etc. So I thought maybe the
    other repositories will be OK, and they were.

    Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous - 2012-05-17

    I don't think you have write access to:


    My user name is rm1. I added the following line to the start of Rprofile.Site:

    Sys.setenv(APPDATA = "C:/Documents and Settings/rm1/Application Data")

    This is somewhere I can write to, so Tinn-R can do it's thing and write
    'selection.r" for R to interpret.


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