How about splitting changes into git-format-patch patches so that anyone can evaluate your work separately and somewhat easily.

> +static void DebugPrint(const char *format, ...)
> +{
> +#if 0  
> +  CHAR b[256];

#ifdef _DEBUG or something instead?
Also I know that tabs and spaces are mixed up in sources, but for w32_a.c, four spaces indent seems to be more readable than two.

2013/11/7 Yale Zhang <>
Can somebody check in my patch or give me access rights to GIT?

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 12:44 AM, Yale Zhang <> wrote:
Developers, I have some modifications for Windows that I want to check in. Can someone review and check my changes in or grant me access to Bazaar?

1. Windows MIDI driver:
    * stop sending all MIDI messages to a worker thread to be played. Instead, call the event handler 
       directly (with mutual exclusion). This simplifies the code and reduces latency.
    * move initialization before worker thread creation - without this, Timidity++ might not be initialized before the 1st message arrives (I actually had this problems when using VMPK, which sends a bank & program change message immediately on startup)

2. Fix some 64bit compile problems (change 32bit ints to pointer sized integers)
3. Change MIDI mode for real time synthesizer to GM2. Without this, the Timidity++ Windows driver doesn't respond to bank changes
4. w32_a.c
    refactor and disable the debug messages

Thanks for making Timidity

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