More autoconf changes

  • dpanech

    dpanech - 2004-06-21

    I've added Automake scripts to CVS (and removed some files that are generated by Automake & Autoconf). Now to make a "developer" build you have to run the script after checking out the sources from CVS. This file simply calls automake/autoconf, etc. with the right options; it's not required for the "end-user" builds.

    Among other things the Automake's makefile provides the "dist" target that builds the release tarballs (.gzip & .bz2).

    • dpanech

      dpanech - 2004-06-22

      Okay, I've added some code to detect the 64-bit integer types to autoconf scripts. As I suspected the IOStreams in MSVC v6 don't support __int64, even though the compiler itself does. I've added the missing '<<' & '>>' operators, although right now they don't do anything.

      I found a few places where references aren't used correctly -- see timespan.hpp, revision 1.5 (diff it with 1.4).

      These problems aside, I was able to compile everything in MSVC6, using the configure script. In order to do this you still need a reasonable environment (I use Cygwin --

      % export CXX=cl
      % export CXXFLAGS='-GX -FIutility -TP'
      % configure
      % make
      % make CXXFLAGS=-GX

      The first make fails during link stage because the -TP option interferes with Microsoft's linker.



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