#6 TST no longer launches


I have been using TFT on Ubuntu 10.4. Today after I did some updates, it no longer starts. How do I get it to start again? How do I access the data in it? Will an un-install and reinstall help? Will I loose the recorded data if I un-install?


  • Eric

    Eric - 2013-02-16

    I discovered that a tst process is started but it is sleeping "do_wait". No window opens. I cannot access any TST window or information.

  • Glazachev Andrey

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  • Glazachev Andrey

    Good day, Eric.

    First of all, make backup.
    If you install debian package. Your data is located in /var/lib/timeslottracker. Archive the whole directory.
    If no, you can find actual data directory in timeslottracker.propeties file (param with name dataSource.data.directory). The timeslottracker.propeties file is located in /etc/timeslottracker or your home directory.

    >Will I loose the recorded data if I un-install?
    No. You will not lose data.

    And what about problem.
    If you have JDK, try jstack <JAVA PID>, it wlll show thread's stacktrace. You can attach this to ticket.
    Also check logs in /var/log/timeslottracker/.
    Also what java do you use?


  • Glazachev Andrey

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