#4 Jira time tracking doesn't report back to the server


I'm unable to track time for my Jira tasks with TimeSlotTracker.

I set up the Jira connection parameters, loaded the task into the app, started tracking the task, waited a few minutes then stopped the tracking.
Since there's no dedicated button or anything else for synchronizing with the Jira server, i assumed that the synchronization occurs automatically. But still i can see no info on time tracking in my Work Log section of the task.

I'm using the Jira OnDemand service, so i don't really know what version of Jira is deployed there, but i think it's rather up-to-date.

Please help me on this issue, because TimeSlotTracker seems to be the only solution i could find that could provide the desktop app based time tracking for Jira for free and/or without a ton of other unwanted features. I've been using the similar solution developed internally by my previous employer company, and now that i'm using Jira in my own small startup project, i miss that solution very much. You're my only hope now :).



  • Glazachev Andrey

    Have you look at log? Any exceptions?
    I've tested on jira 3.13. Not tested with jira 4+.

  • Polar Design

    Polar Design - 2012-09-17

    I can report the exact same issue. Using TST 1.2.7. and Jira OnDemand.

    Not sure exactly which logs you want us to check and where, but I installed 1.2.7 and correctly setup the Jira integration since I am able to add Jira tasks to the tracker. However, any logs created are not recorded in Jira with that task. I checked permissions too and the account I used should have developer permission (permission to work on / enter logs). Perhaps something changed with the Jira API recently when they updated to 5?

  • Glazachev Andrey

    I was talking about TST logs. Also you can enabled DEBUG for more information.
    I suppose, you are right, JIRA 5 has different API.
    I use simple REST, avaliable with any browser.

    I do not have jira 5 or 4.
    If you want, you can help to implement JIRA 5 support.
    Just send me http request (can be viewed by FireBug for example) to add time journal entry with all params. And describe, what params did you send.

  • Glazachev Andrey

    • status: open --> pending
    • Group: --> v0.1_alpha

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