#91 Make "Create new time slot" dialog aware of hidden tasks



there is the option to hide tasks in the main task tree. I use this to hide tasks I no longer work on (don't want to delete them but keep the data for reference). It would be very convenient if the "Create new time slot" dialog would respect the "Hidden"-flag in its "Change task" combo box as as well. This would restrict the list to the visible (=active) tasks only and make picking the right task much easier.

Thanks a lot for TST - it is a great tool and your support is fantastic! :-)

Best regards


  • Glazachev Andrey

    Good and logic suggestion Jutta and I think it's not to complex to implement.

  • Jutta Albrecht

    Jutta Albrecht - 2014-03-14

    Thank you for considering it :-)

  • Glazachev Andrey

    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: glazachev
  • Glazachev Andrey

    Fixed in trunk, try last shapshot release.

  • Glazachev Andrey

    • status: accepted --> closed
  • Jutta Albrecht

    Jutta Albrecht - 2014-03-25

    Just installed the snapshot and it works as requested - thanks a lot!

    BTW, I noticed that the German translation is missing some strings. If you don't mind, I can have a look at that and try to complete the translation.

    Best regards and thanks again for your work!


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