#38 Purge old data

Frank Black

It would be useful to be able to purge old data - say
before a certain date or possible also certain task
(and subtrees).


  • Zbigniew Ogledzki

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    Dear Frank,
    do you mean DELETE, THROW THEM OUT? Just like they never
    Why you want to do that? Isn't a better idea to make a
    "archive" node and move there every (sub)task you want not
    to see anymore? And then, if you want - delete it?
    regards, zgibek

  • Frank Black

    Frank Black - 2006-04-20

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    I guess, there will be quite a collection of data over the
    time. It might be helpful to just move everything before a
    certain date to some archive.

    Scenario: Working on a projekt over several month. Every
    month data is transfered into a billing/ controlling system
    and is not any longer needed in TT.

    I understand: archiving can be done by copying one file.
    (Which one?) But still you have all the old entries visible.

  • Frank Black

    Frank Black - 2006-04-20
    • summary: Purge old date --> Purge old data

    ARKBAN - 2008-09-23

    I want to bump this up in importance, I've been using TSL for about 2 weeks and I'm already wishing I could remove old entries. I believe there should be a way to export all entries for some date range to a file that can be archived, and optionally delete those entries from the current file.

    I disagree with zgibek, an "archive" node is a hack, and it would make going back through the history tedious. (Is there any performance guarantee with TSL for loading huge number of entries?)

  • Glazachev Andrey

    Removing timeslots created before given date in trunk (try shapshot).


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