#31 Deviation support


The program could allow to store the initial prevision
for each final task in days, hours and minutes.

Each node should calculate the total prevision adding
all the children's previsions recursively.

Once the task is finished, it would be nice to be able
to compare the final time with the prevision.


  • Zbigniew Ogledzki

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  • Zbigniew Ogledzki

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    Hi funesv.
    Do you think about something like "planning" your work?
    Let's say: I plan to work on this task for 5 days.
    Am I right? Well, it could be useful tool, thanks for
    Additionally there should be a new report to compare those
    values. For now the only possibility is to keep them
    inside attributes.
    regards, zgibek

  • funesv

    funesv - 2006-02-07

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    Hi zgibek,

    Yes, the idea is "planning" the time you're going to spend
    working on a task.

    This would offer the project leader the possibility to
    control in real time the deviation of each task or of the
    whole project.

    While people is developing a task, they can see that the
    prevision is not enough accurate, and they would be able to
    introduce their own prevision of time to finish each day.

    For instance:

    Task 1 Initial prevision 16 hours

    Day 1: Analyst spends 4 hours making the design
    Task 1 Initial prevision 16 hours, Spent: 4 hours, Estimated
    : 12 hours

    Day 2: Developer spends 8 hours developing, and changes the
    initial prevision to 20 hours. (in this point we have to
    know the possibility to be out of time)
    Task 1 Initial prevision 16 hours, Spent: 12 hours,
    Estimated: 8 hours

    Day 3: Developer spends 4 hours developing.
    Task 1 Initial prevision 16 hours, Spent: 16 hours,
    Estimated: 4 hours

    Day 4: Tester spends 2 hours testing
    Day 4: Developer spends 2 hours making corrections


    Task 1 Initial prevision 16 hours, Spent: 20 hours,
    Estimated: 0 hours

    Do you think it could be useful?

  • Zbigniew Ogledzki

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    Hi funesv,
    Yes, I think it could be useful.
    I just wondering if it should be a month-based planing or
    just global one (one plan with corrections for whole
    I think task should be so small that it should be enough
    to add just one value for original plan and the second one
    for "current plan".
    Am I right? Will it good for you?
    regards, zgibek

  • Andreas Mross

    Andreas Mross - 2006-08-10

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    +1. I currently use attributes for this, but the interface
    is clumsy and there is no reporting.


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