Sorry, but there was some error....

  • Tommaso NOBILE

    Tommaso NOBILE - 2007-04-11

    Till I've installed JRE v1.6.0 (build 1.6.0_01-b06) on Windows XP SP2, TimeSlotTracker doesn't want to run anyway.... I've a MessageBox: "Sorry, but there was some error during loading your data. Check logs or run it form console java -jar tst.jar and check output".
    Does someone have ideas about the problem and how to solve it?
    Thank you. Saluti, TN.

    • Glazachev Andrey

      Hi, tnobile.

      Do you use TST for the first time or this error arised when you switched to JRE 1.6?
      Please, give me log of exception. For this you should run program from console (java -jar tst.jar).

      I have tested TST (0.8) on WinXP SP2 + JRE build 1.6.0-b105. There is no startup error.

      There are possible reasons of error:
      . TST can't find DTD file for XML
      . XML parser error


    • Glazachev Andrey

      Hi, again.

      Oh, sorry for some misunderstanding.

      Most likely there is following the error:
      If your home's path contains non english letters, TST can't find DTD while reading XML data file.

      For me this error happens on JRE 1.4 and 1.5.

      . You can write in "" path to another dir.
      Parameter for this: Example: C\:\\work\\timetracker\\data\\ . Use JRE 1.6+


      • Zbigniew Ogledzki

        You are right - this error is mostly generated just because of local letters in path to home directory. I have found the same error in another application I am still working on (that's why I have no time for tst...), using java 1.6.

        The best solution is to use another path. The other is to copy the dtd file from jar to the directory below the final path (i.e. if your path looks like:
          c:\documents and settings\ZAŻÓŁĆ GĘŚLĄ JAŹŃ
        try to copy the  dtd file to
          c:\documents and settings\ Sometime it's also necessary to copy it to:
          c:\documents and settings\ZAŻÓŁĆ GĘŚLĄ JAŹŃ\Desktop

        Check the log file, maybe it will point you to place you should copy the file into.
        hope this helps, zgibek

    • Tommaso NOBILE

      Tommaso NOBILE - 2007-04-17

      Thank you a lot Andrei and ZGibek for your help.
      I've solved the problem... In fact it was easy, easy and terrible!
      The XML file was.... empty: 0 Kb... I've lost all my datas...

      Oh! I love backups!!!

      I really don't understand how it has been possible...
      My path is something like: X:\Documents\COMPANY NAME\Times and it's seems to works well.
      The problem was in data's file: the file "timeslottracker.xml" still remain but without any data inside... empty.

      One of my friends has the same problem... I supposed because the same cause... I will take a look soon.


      • Zbigniew Ogledzki

        Great you found the reason and you had backup...
        In the new release Andrei turn the backup option to "ON" on default... :)
        best regards, zgibek

      • Glazachev Andrey

        Hi, Tommaso

        The reason of zero xml file is described in
        But it's consequence of error when dtd was not found at some moment.

        But when it happened? Maybe you were switching different jre on same xml file?

        ps: i agree with you, error it's terriable. That's why i want to discover the reason.


        • Tommaso NOBILE

          Tommaso NOBILE - 2007-05-17

          Hi Andrei,

          In fact I've suspicion that problem appears on non-user closign action.
          For exemple when you close Windows with TST open... But it does'nt happens every time...
          With v1_0 the results seems to be different: in place to have a 0 XLM file, TST just lose "Data's directory" configuration... Replaced with the good one and it runs with correct datas.
          I've not used TST for a time, now I will use it again and will try to understand better wath happens.


          • Glazachev Andrey

            Hi, Tommaso

            I have same problem but very rarely.

            Sometimes, after closing windows (w/o closing TST first) properties resets to defaults. That is why you loosing "Data's directory".

            I have submit bug (
            . Let discuss in it.

            In some days i'll analize it more detailed.



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