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  • Antonimo

    Antonimo - 2006-05-03


    Excellent application - vert beautifully created.

    I have followed the threads about the location of user data and I have created a batch file with the following line:

    java -Duser.home="F:\Administration\Time Tracking\TimeSlotTracker" -jar TimeSlotTracker-0_80.jar

    This speciffies that my data will be stored in the location on drive F:

    I launch with a shortcut to the batch file and it causes a dos window to appear while the program is running.

    Is there anywhere within the contents of the "TimeSlotTracker-0_80.jar" file where I can specify the location and therefore run the program directly from a shortcut to "TimeSlotTracker-0_80.jar"?

    Windows XP SP2

    • Zbigniew Ogledzki

      Dear Antonimo,
      Nice to hear you.

      First, if you exchange "java" with "javaw" in your way of calling it will work.

      But, in the current version (as well as some earlier one - I don't remember the exact number) you can configure the location of data.
      Just choose "Configuration" in main menu and then select "Data source" tab.
      The second field (named "Data's directory") specifies where the data (timeslottracker.xml) should be put.

      hope this helps,

    • Antonimo

      Antonimo - 2006-05-04

      Hi Zgibek ,

      Many thanks for your welcome to the forum and thanks for your reply.

      I have changed my approach and post my solution (if others may require it).

      First, I followed your advice and used javaw instead of java.

      Second, I did away with the batch file and simply entered the (following) full line into a new desktop shortcut:

      %windir%\system32\javaw.exe -Duser.home="F:\Administration\Time Tracking\TimeSlotTracker\TST-1" -jar "C:\Program Files\Office\TimeSlotTracker\TimeSlotTracker-0_80.jar"

      The benefit for me of this approach is to run completely separate instances of the program for different users on the same computer. As such, I can have the data files separated:

      -Duser.home="F:\Administration\Time Tracking\TimeSlotTracker\Data-1"
      -Duser.home="F:\Administration\Time Tracking\TimeSlotTracker\Data-2"
      -Duser.home="F:\Administration\Time Tracking\TimeSlotTracker\Data-3"

      Thanks again. Regards,


      • Zbigniew Ogledzki

        Hi Anthony,
        Right, your solution has the advantage you wrote about - every shortcut can be used with his own settings (windows, data directories, last used options, etc.)
        But, using "user.home" environment setting. The better one is "". So, just call:
        With this settings configuration is read from that location. And, if you not specify the other folder - also used as a data directory.
        best regards, zgibek


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