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  • Alex Kotchnev

    Alex Kotchnev - 2008-04-03

    I was wondering, would you be interested in adding a "Monitor" feature to the project. The basic functionality is to have the "Monitor" grab a screenshot of the user's desktop every several minutes/seconds/whatever (configurable) and popping a little reminder to the user to enter a description to the task he/she is working on (I've found this feature to be very useful in the oDesk time tracker). If the description of the task is different from the one before, start a new timeslot, otherwise, leave it as is.

    A secondary (still more intrusive functionality) is providing the ability to enter a command to be executed (as often as the screenshots) that would take a picture of the user ( I guess this type of functionality could be plugged in to execute any os-specific command every time a 'monitor event" occurs).

    I have the screenshot piece already working, I still have to figure out how to cleanly add the "reminder" dialog that could take an alternative timeslot description (tips would be appreciated).

    • Alex Kotchnev

      Alex Kotchnev - 2008-04-10

      I've uploaded a patch that implements the monitoring functionality (e.g. periodic description and screenshot). I'll use it initially and see if some time of "camera image" grab is possible and/or desirable as well.

    • Alex Kotchnev

      Alex Kotchnev - 2009-01-29

      I uploaded a new patch that improves on what I had submitted before. Now, TST links the screenshots in a "Screenshot" attribute to each timeslot. The patch also adds support for an "Image" category that can display the referenced image in the editor (e.g. in the "attribute editor"). I'll probably see about adding something to one of the timesheet reports to include the screenshots.


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