From Archive Task's View to Current Task View

  • Andrew A. Yashchuk

    Hi Zgibek!

    Once again - many thanks for your application. One thing that stop me from using the application is the psyhological aspect.
    Every day I start application I see not empty list for that days, but the list of my historied tasks.
    The current application interface very sutable for analyzing and dividing the tasks by subjects or charges
    I suppose the Current Task View should be more rapid for everyminutes timeslot saving. this should look like this:

    <[11 - jan -2007]>
    Time from | Time To | Tasks                                      | Node       | 
    9-00      | 9-15    | Checking the pc for the account department | Accountant |
    9-15      | 9-25    | Order new VGA card for the Designer        | Designer   |

    * After creating the new task, previous task should stopped, new task started from the current time
    ** If I've change later the Time To in first line, second task Time from, also should changed accordingly.
    *** Tasks should auto filled based on previous entries
    **** Node are hierarchical list

    What are you think about that?

    Best Regards,

    • Zbigniew Ogledzki

      Dear Andrew,
      welcome back! Thanks also for thanks, as I always said - it's the best for the developers to get feedback, esspecially positive ones :)

      Are you talking about creating new view (layout)?
      Are the "Node" means (in our terminology) timeslot's description? or rather attribute with list of values (combo)?

      I think it's possible to create new view, where the timeslots would be filtered for one date (default - current date) and the timeslot table should be then much simpler and (you are right) much readable.

      The "Designer"/"Accountant" looks like the person/department which gave this task to do to you. Am I right?
      The only problem is that you want the node (so this "Designer"/"Accountant") is heriarchical list. Or maybe you were thinking about current schema (tasks has subtasks)?

      Nowadays you can create a new attribute (combo one) with definied all values. Then you can also add this to timeslot table, so it can be easily visible all the time for you. Maybe it helps you a little.
      best regards, zgibek

    • Andrew A. Yashchuk

      Hi Zgibek,
      Glad to hear from you really soon!
      Yes New view is the nice idea! this new view should use the only data's that avaliable today in the timeslottracker.
      "Node" is the parent task.
      In the current timeslottracker's view the example above should look like this

      Your tasks
      +---Paid projects
      +-------------- 9-00 | 9-15+ Checking the pc for the account department *
      +----------------9-15 | 9-25+ Order new VGA card for the Designer **

      * -then this active ** is hidden

      All other functionality should stay the same!

      best regards!


      • Zbigniew Ogledzki

        Hello Andrei,

        a... I see what you wanted to say me before - I was thinking about modifying the timeslots table, but you wanted to change the tree.
        ok, we will see, for now Cnitsa made a new view "Task by days".

        We will make a new release soon so please, look at it and maybe you will have a new ideas :)
        best regards,

        • Andrew A. Yashchuk

          Hello Zbigniew,

          Okay, let's look the release :P
          Best wishes,

    • Glazachev Andrey

      Hi, Andrew.

      I understand that you want. It's not a new view "tasks by days" introduced in 1.1.0.

      Some time ago i was using program (not GPL) which had "task tree"/"days tree" for analisys and "day view" for switching task.

      I think you should make feature request with description from your forum message.

      andrey glazachev

    • Andrew A. Yashchuk

      Hi, Andrey!

      May be you right! I wanted to knew more about new view "task by days"? Does it possible to see screenshot etc?
      When the realise planned?
      I'am imagine the simple window with only current day task's visible. You can add or remove or change the duration of the any task's. But the related task duration should also change. (should be no white spaces in the time between tasks)

      I'll make feature request after getting info about new view "time by days"
      Best regards,

    • Andrew A. Yashchuk

      Hello Zbigniew!
      Hello Andrey!

      Congratulation with the new release!
      Yes I have something to add to the Future request.

      I'll go there.

      Best Regards,


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