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Imported files to SVN

Latest source files are imported to Subversion repository.

Posted by Danko Komlen 2006-12-09

Beta 0.5 release

This is last TimeSaver beta release.
It contains a lot of changes and bug fixes.
After testing and debuging it TimeSaver will hopefully become stable.

I hope you will enjoy it and send me your feedback.

Posted by Danko Komlen 2006-08-31

New wiki pages

Project now has wiki pages:

Site is still under construction.

Posted by Danko Komlen 2006-08-28

Beta 0.4 release

New beta release is out. TimeSaver is now more stable and includes task editing, online help support and Gnome desktop shortcut.

Posted by Danko Komlen 2006-08-01

New Home Page

Home Page is available at http://timesaver.sourceforge.net. It is made with Blogger support. It includes complete project documentation made with Doxygen and other project related stuff.

Posted by Danko Komlen 2006-07-24