Timer 0.14.02 released

The program "Timer - die Zeitschaltuhr" starts the computer with the internal BIOS clock from the shut down state (with mains activated).

The time needed for boot and start of window is considered. Windows and DVB-Viewer are ready for recording when start time of the program to be recorded is reached.
Unterstützt / Supports DVBViewer 3.8
(Program language: DOS)

- Auto restart by the BIOS of the computer from shutdown state
- Starting time can be manually set by the command (DOS-box) "Timer <Date> <Time>"
- Starting time can be set automatically by user-supplied date/time pairs (a standard cmd-file) or from the DVBViewers parameterfile Timers.XML
- Correction of the windows system time after auto start by the BIOS
- Correction of the windows system time after manual restart done by the user
- User-specific batch file for determining of own start times
(also automatic selection of the next start time from a list of times)
- Serial Recordings: shut down computer / record / shut down / record / ...

What do I have to do when using Timer ?
(Actions done automatically without user interaction are set in brackets () .)

- User-supplied cmd-file returns date/time pairs
- OR with DVBViewer: program the broadcast you want to record
- Close DVBViewer
- Start Timer once (this sets the new windows system time)
- Shut down windows; do not shut off mains

- (BIOS restarts the computer at the correct time)
- (Auto logon to the user account in windows)
- (An entry in the startup-directory starts "Timer /Startup"; restores the correct system time)
- (Timer starts DVBViewer)
- (DVBViewer records the programed broadcast)

ATTENTION PLEASE: As the BIOS-hardware is involved the installation is not as straight forward as usual in windows.
For "installation" read the "Timer Handbuch" (German / English) contained in the Zip-file

Posted by Magra 2007-12-11