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TIMEEFFECT V1.1.d released

This release fixes some minor bugs on display of currency and adding new users. Furthermore it changes the way billed efforts are displayed within PDF reports.

Posted by Jan Krogmann 2004-07-14

TIMEEFFECT: now with setup routine

TIMEEFFECT now comes with a setup routine which eases the installation of the system highly.

The aim of TIMEEFECT is to provide project participants with time recording possibilities.
- First: project workers are able to track their personal
efforts spent on the several projects they are involved.
- Second: project managers are able to view statistics about
the amount of efforts spent on specific projects/customers.
- Third: project accounters are able to extract accounting
information about the projects for creation of invoices.... read more

Posted by Jan Krogmann 2004-04-07

TIMEEFFECT: first beta release on SF.net

TIMEFFECT is a multi user PHP4/MySQL driven time recording tool.
It helps users to track efforts spent for costumers on particular projects and lets them generate statistics and accounting reports in HTML and/or PDF format. Customers and projects may be equipped with budgets which will be considered within the customers or project statistics.

TIMEFFECT currently includes German and English translations but is prepared to support any language.... read more

Posted by Jan Krogmann 2004-03-28