Can't click 'Show Comments' in View menu

  • b225ccc

    b225ccc - 2009-02-23

    When I first installed timeEdition, comments worked as expected.  Now, when I try to show the comments window, all I get is a grayed out View menu option.  It's almost as if this was a time-limited feature for a free version or something, but can't find anything about a paid version.  I've searched through the manual and the Internet to no avail.

    I've tried re-installing and rebooting (of course).  This is a Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine.  timeEdition 1.1.4

    Any ideas?


    • Alexander Lindenstruth

      Sorry for the long delay ;-)

      Via the view menu you can only view comments for the current recording. As soon as you stop the recording and restart it, you create a new one with its own comment. So the menu item is grayed out because it has no comments yet.

      You can view/edit the comments of previous recordings using the Records-Editor (Menu Extras > Records)


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