Martijn Kroon - 2010-08-27


I was a happy user of time Edition for mac.
But i think i did something stupid and now i lost all my records.
The weird thing is that it still shows all my clients and projects but no records.

Also it won't save any new records.
When i try i get the message: "An error occurred! The record could not be saved!"

I try to explain what i think that caused the problem:
I was expirimenting with MySQL databases local on my mac using MAMP.
it didn't really work so i wanted to erase all databases.
I used terminal and killed all  mysqld

i think this must have caused the problem!
but i got no clue how to solve it.

Deleting the program and re-installing it again doesn't work.
I still get the message that it can't save the record. And still shows my clients and projects.

I don't know what to do, so please help me out!

Thanks in advance.