• Jose Luis Ucieda

    I don't fully understand how the Time Unit tab works.

    The working hours per day is fine, but the time sections is not.

    The application allows you to choose:
    - time selection (15, 30, 45)
    - threshold (1-14)

    I have figured out that the first item is the amount of minutes it shows and computes in the database, but don't really understand the second one.

    I believed that this application computed time as it is, not in intervals of 15-30-45 minutes.

    Please, helo me understand what I am doing wrong or what I am not understanding-

    Other than that, TimeEdition is really cool !

    • Martin

      Martin - 2009-05-31

      From what I can see TE records actual time unless the tick box to 'round' units into the intervals of 15-30-45 minutes is ticked.


    • Krewetka

      Krewetka - 2009-06-22

      Yes, time selection is pretty obvious. It records real time like 3:47 but displays it as 15/30/60 minutes unit.

      Question rather is what threshold is doing?

      I'm guessing that if you set threshold to 5 minutes and time unit to 15 minutes everything which is less than 5 minutes will be shown as 0 and everything above e.g. 12 minutes will be shown as 15.

      But why threshold is only 1 to 14 even when you select time unit is 60?

      Documentation should be updated to include description of these settings :)


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