"Add Record" glitch/error?

  • Agustin

    Agustin - 2010-03-19

    When I try to add a record manually, the Duration given doesn't always match the actual time. I.e. if I enter 1/1/10 and 12:00:00 as the Start and 1/1/10 and 3:01:00 as the End, it shows a duration of 100:58:00.

    As noted elsewhere, AM & PM are not visible and even when you select the blank areas where they should be and use the up/down arrows to adjust the time, the Duration figure is still wildly incorrect.

    iMac G5, OS 10.6.2

  • Agustin

    Agustin - 2010-03-19

    Okay, believe I found the answer to the problem myself… Have to have Preferences>Time Unit, Working hours per day: set to "24" (default was 8). Then it shows correct time duration.

  • elaine nimo

    elaine nimo - 2011-05-24

    i get the same problem. i did what you did above. and i still have problems getting am/pm hours. it messes up the hour calculations and is frustrating. i use the manual entry because the current record method is screwy when it comes to matching the comments with the actual current recording.

    this software is buggy. i like using it because there seems to be a lack of affordable time tracking software out there that has time edition features.


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