will timeedition be in further development?

  • Jan Jentsch

    Jan Jentsch - 2011-08-08

    it is a great time tracking software and I would even pay for it, but there are still some features that I miss.
    1. a visible check in the table of PROJECTS
    2. time edition should remember its window position after restart
    3. a side-by-side calculation of the defined project-time and the actual time used and the resulting win or loss of money.

    I would be very pleased by a future developement of timeedition.

    Kind regards,

  • Jan Jentsch

    Jan Jentsch - 2011-08-09

    I forgot one topic
    4. it would be very useful, if one could activate or deactivate customers, so that deactivated customers won't appear in the pulldown menu.

  • Serge S.

    Serge S. - 2011-08-14

    +1: Great App, would be happy to pay for! Please continue development and put it to AppStore.

    Bug note: when exporting records for a certain period, jobs that overlap the period boundary are getting missed.


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