#7 130319 Baseline marker with next/prev and zooming


Uploaded a patch for Task ID 130319.


  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2006-10-31

    Logged In: YES


  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2006-10-31
    • status: open --> pending
  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2006-11-01
    • status: pending --> closed-accepted
  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2006-11-01

    Logged In: YES

    Accepted the patch after major refactoring:
    - removed setting of the baseline position in ZoomInAction, this should be done by the viewer according to the MVC
    - Added notification of observers upon setSelectTime in the zoom model
    - added an update() method to TimeBaseLine to ensure the baseline is updated when the selectTime of the zoom model

    - Removed baseline setting from goToTime in TimeAction (see above)
    - added an InputValidator to GoToTimeAction to check for positive numbers only

    - Removed TraceLineSelectListener, as this is functionality should be part of LabelSelectListener
    - Refactored LabelSelectedListener to be more compliant to MVC: moved select() to TraceLineViewer class
    - Added set/getSelectedLine to zoom model
    - removed passing of traceSelectListener through the hierarchy (MainViewer, etc.)
    - renamed LabelSelectedListener to TraceLineSelectListener

    - renamed TimeAction to TraceAction, as base class for all zoom/time related actions
    - removed getMainViewer, getTraceViewer, getBaseLine, getModel, etc from MainViewer and subsequent classes
    - used geTraceModel and getZoomModel from the editor class instead (as this is the class that should provide these
    access functions).
    - paased the traceModel and zoomModel to the actions directly, instead of passing the editor or mainViewer, to
    ensure the actions have no dependencies towards the editor.


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