TimeDoctor 1.3.0 is available

TimeDoctor version 1.3.0 is available, both as a stand-alone tool and as Eclipse

This release has been tested on this configuration:
- SUN JRE 1.5.0
- Eclipse SDK 3.2
- Windows 2000 and XP
- RHEL 3 (Update 7)
Note that both Windows and Linux platforms are x86 (32-bit)

1.3.0 is a major milestone as this release now includes these features:
File Parser
- Open file on drop (works on win32 only)
Trace Viewer
- Outline Viewer, which displays the tracelines in a tree. User can hide/unhide
a traceline
- Statistics viewer, to display the statistics of a selected task or all the
tasks, in the trace view
- A preference page has been provided, in the Eclipse style, to set various
display options
- Option to enable display of Semaphore as Queue

The following bugs have been fixed. For description and resolution go to

1676992 Problem in displaying trace tool tip
1668255 TimeDoctor reports No more handles
1665802 Problem with displaying CPU label
1665135 Task statistics window
1665126 Baseline and Goto time problem
1665124 Trace tool tips throw NullPointerException
1665121 ZOOM operations result in null pointer exception
1654894 No full-page horizontal scroll
1654892 descriptions are not rendered correctly
1654076 "Next/Previous Event" menus are not context-sensitive
1649983 Scrolling up and down is too slow.
1649965 Widget Disposed error: Log does not give file name
1589352 Selected trace line dissapears when switching between editor

Posted by Shivaraj.P 2007-05-03

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