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  • Roy Kornviets

    Roy Kornviets - 2011-01-06

    Hi guys.
    I am an SW engeneer at NDS.
    We are trying to develope some new features for the TimeDoctor UI.
    I have a couple of questions.
    How can i open the TimeDoctor Project in Eclipse ?
    How can i Compile and build the project and specific files ???
    Thank you in advanced,

  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2011-01-06

    Hi Roy,

    Great you are interested to develop new features. Let me come back to you on your questions tomorrow (so I can test stuff myself). We are in the process of cleaning up the project and adding a website etc, but this will take a few months.

    What feature would you like to add?


  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2011-01-06

    Hi Roy,

    I assume you are using the latest Eclipse Helios version with all RCP plugins installed. I just commited some minor changes to update the code to support Galileo and Helios.

    You can checkout the latest timedoctor sources from CVS in Eclipse: in the CVS Repositories view, right click  'New->Repository Location…', and fill in the following values:
      connection type: pserver
      user: anonymous
      password: <leave empty>
      repository path: /cvsroot/timedoctor
    This should connect to the CVS repository. Clicking 'HEAD' will show all timedoctor plugins (com.nxp.timedoctor.*). Select all, right-click  'Checkout'. Now you have all repositories, and they will build automatically.

    To run timedoctor as RCP application, open com.nxp.timedoctor.feature.workbench/workbench.product and click on 'Launch an Eclipse Application' . Here you can also export the code to create an install tree.

    Similarly, to run timedoctor as Eclipse plugin, open com.nxp.timedoctor.product.ide/plugin.xml and click on 'Launch an Eclipse Application'.

    Alternatively, the package contains scripts and custom ANT files to build the ide and rcp install trees. I haven't tested this in a while, may be somewhat outdated.

    Hope this helps,

  • Roy Kornviets

    Roy Kornviets - 2011-01-10

    Hi Martijn, How are you ?
    Thanks for the fast response.
    We want to add a feature that shows the functions that were running during the run.
    I will try to build the project later today (if i'll have time…)
    Thanks again,


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