Proposal to add help-support to TimeDoctor

  • Kishan Saralaya.H

        I am referring "building commercial quality plugins" book.(chapter 15 i.e. implementing help) and  “eclipse Rich Client Platform “ book (chapter 13 Adding Help and chapter 15  Implementing Help)  for the implementation of story – 38 ie, File format help.

    I will  develop  File format help  by  creating a  new  plugin project  ,where  I select custom plug-in wizard  and after that  I  select  Help table of contents  options , this will create  default table of contents  file ,to which  I  am going to link the  html  help  files.

    I want to know  that whether we have to  create a  separate  html page  for  each command  or  group them into some  pages.
    Also  I want to add  helpAction  which is of type IWorkbenchAction  to  “ApplicationActionBarAdvisor" class which is present at "com.nxp.timedoctor.product.workbench" plug-in. I will  register and instantiate  the help contents  action by using ActionFactory and  register(). Where  ActionFactory  is  a  handy  preconfigured  actions  which is defined  in the UI workbench.

    TOC(table of  contents) which  are  defined  in the  help plug-in  will   give a  link  to  HTML files which  contains  the information’s.  

    Also I will add this action to the help menu in the fillMenuBar() which is also present in the same class.

    And in the  plugin.xml  of  help plug-in  I  like to add  the fallowing  plug-in   org.eclipse.lucene ,,,,, org.eclipse.ui.forms, and org.eclipse.tomcat .

    And then  in the workbench.product which is defined in the  com.nxp.timedoctor.feature. workbench  plug-in   I would like to add this  help plug-in  in the  configuration page.So that the Help plug-in will be bundled  with Workbench Product.

    Usually   help plug-in  will  display  a  default help page, which contains  information regarding   how  to  use   eclipse, this   page  will  be get replaced  by specifying   required page  name  which  is   to   be  specified   in   the     plugin_customization.ini , which   is   present    in     the    com.nxp.timedoctor.product.workbench. This  plug-in will also work in  eclipse  IDE  also.

    • Martijn Rutten

      Martijn Rutten - 2006-11-08

      Sounds good, go ahead with it.
      A separate html file for each command may be a good idea, easy to turn it into a reference manual that way.


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