Code contributions?

  • Stuart Fullmer

    Stuart Fullmer - 2007-02-12

    How does one make code contributions into TimeDoctor? Thanks.

    • Mahesh DC

      Mahesh DC - 2007-02-13

      The way that we are working is: 
              to make a proposal about the intended changes/additions and have a discussion on it.
              after that, a patch is submitted for a round of code-review/discussion which is later put into CVS

      This way, we ensure that the code consistency is maintained. Sometimes, if it makes sense both the proposal
      and patch can be submitted together. This can happen, for fixing a bug, for instance.

      Also, please note that currently only I can check-in the code. Feel free to discuss about this.

    • Stuart Fullmer

      Stuart Fullmer - 2007-02-13

      Thanks for the response. In that case I'd like to get some traction on my proposal for adding extensions points to the TimeDoctor UI such as I mentioned in my other post. I have some code which better illustrates the point. With other eclipse projects I could write a proposal in a bug report and attach my patches to the bug report for the review of others. I don;t see how to map that process to SourceForge yet. What is the method I can make my patch available for youself and others? Thanks a lot Mahesh!


    • Stuart Fullmer

      Stuart Fullmer - 2007-02-14

      It's looking like the easiest thing to do is submit a patch with a bug detailing my ideas. I'll gather up my code and get that ready. Please inform me if there's something else I can do that would helpful. Thanks.



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