Building TimeDoctor to be windows Executable

  • Roy Kornviets

    Roy Kornviets - 2011-02-07

    Hi everyone.
    I am working on Eclipse and i am trying to convert the Timedoctor from Java to windows executable.
    Does any one has any idea on how to do it ?

  • Martijn Rutten

    Martijn Rutten - 2011-02-08

    Hi Roy,

    Why would you want to do that? TimeDoctor runs fine as standalone executable on windows…

    …and in answer to your question: precursers of TimeDoctor were written in C using MFC, there was also a variant written in C#. The code base for these is completely different (and I do not have access to that code).


  • Roy Kornviets

    Roy Kornviets - 2011-02-23

    Well, I changed some things in the GUI and i wanted to make it a windows executable.
    I am new to this and i don't have a clue how to make a standalone executable.
    How can i do it ?

  • Roy Kornviets

    Roy Kornviets - 2011-02-23

    Oh, another question….
    What is the main class of the program ??? Tried to make a standalone but i need to know what is the main class…

  • Peter van Merkerk

    Actually TimeDoctor doesn't run fine as a standalone executable on Windows; you need to have Java installed (which also installs other crap that starts when windows starts thus slowing down the PC). I do understand why Java was chosen, and understand that this decision can't be reversed easily. Nevertheless TimeDoctor is a great piece of software.


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