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  • Mike Wiering

    Mike Wiering - 2004-08-02


    I'ld like to compile a list of games that were created using Tile Studio and add it to the website (perhaps a separate page).

    So if you have created a game with Tile Studio, please reply to this thread and submit the following information:

    1) Your name or company name
    2) Name of the game
    3) Link to website of the game
    4) Link to screenshot of the game
    5) Very short description of the game
    6) Any comments about development (like programming language / library used, other graphics programs used) and especially anything about what you used Tile Studio for, any problems you ran into, development time, etc.

    See the example below.

    This should give new visitors an idea what can be done with Tile Studio, and might also give you some more exposure.


    1) Wiering Software (
    2) Zwarte Piet
    5) Platform game, deliver presents and cookies into chimneys.
    6) The game was written in Clean (using the Clean Game Library). All graphics were rendered in POV-Ray and imported into Tile Studio. Tile Studio was mainly used to create the maps and to provide code to access the graphics. Total development time was about two months.

    • Rainer Deyke

      Rainer Deyke - 2004-08-03

      1) Eldwood (
      2) Feyna's Quest
      5) Plot-driven platform game with rpg elements.
      6) Written in C++ with SDL.  Almost all graphics and all maps were created in TileStudio.  This project really pushed TileStudio to its limits with over 10 megabytes of TileStudio project files.  I am currently working on a remake of the game with new graphics, as well as a sequel.

    • zster

      zster - 2004-08-07

      1) Zster (personal)
      2)Can Care
      5)platform game - remake of spectrum classic
      6)Used blitz basic. Used Tilestudio to design all the graphics, even the backdrops. The most useful features are the animation, the left click colour selector, the lighten and darken effects and the image shifting with ctrl and arrow keys (most other editors lack these things). What I would like to see is a replace all colour tool and tile range copying that works.

    • Bryan Livingston

      1) Livingston Technologies
      2) Ovorp Game Engine
      5) client-server 2D sidescrolling shooter.  Flexible game engine can support any kind of 2D game.
      6) General game engine written in C# is easy to develop with but is still very powerfull.  Demo game uses Abuse graphics which are freely available.

    • flaith

      flaith - 2004-10-16

      1) Flaith (perso)
      2) Ghost'N Goblitz
      4) -> Download section
      5) Remake of Ghost'N Goblins
      6) Made in Blitz Basic & TileStudio - NOT finished yet

    • Michael Bonfils

      Michael Bonfils - 2004-10-26

      1) Murlock (
      2) Yet Another Columns
      5) a little remake of the famous Colums of Sega
      6) Made in J2ME for T610 and others mobiles using Java

    • Elven Programmer

      1) ElvenProgrammer
      2) The Mana World
      5) Is a MMORPG in a mix between Ragnarok Online and Secret of Mana highly developed.
      6) Languages: C/C++ with Libraries: allegro, alfont, jgmod. Tilestudio: converting now my maps to use tilestudio. Problems: look at walkability post. Development time: 9 months

    • Tyler Olsen

      Tyler Olsen - 2005-03-14

      Well one of my artists told me he uses this tool so I checked it out and it looks pretty cool, but unfortunately there's no linux version available. :( Yeah yeah I could emulate it with wine, if I really wanted to. :P

      1) Tyler Olsen, The Allacrost Project
      2) Hero of Allacrost
      5) Hero of Allacrost is a single player, 2D sprite-based role playing game.
      6) Languages: C++, Lua. Libraries: SDL, OpenGL. Artist used TileStudio for creating tiles (imagine that.) Development time: About 9 months off and on.

    • RuneLancer

      RuneLancer - 2005-07-09

      I've been using this tool for years! Love it. :D

      1) Martin Rolland (RuneLancer)
      2) Endless Saga
      5) Oldschool RPG with a Xenogears-like graphic engine. Spans three chapters. The battle system resembles a cross between FFT's and Ragnarok Online's job systems, and is the traditional oldschool side-view type of battle system.
      6) C++ with OpenGL (graphics) and DirectX (multimedia and input) TileStudio used for sprites. Some developement utilities written in VB.

    • scnclr

      scnclr - 2006-06-02

      1) Scnclr
      2) Scnclr
      5) scnclr clears the screen.
      6) Artistic intervention.

    • Rob Loach

      Rob Loach - 2006-07-12

      Keep up the great work on Tile Studio, it's a fantastic product.

      1) Your name or company name
      Rob Loach (

      2) Name of the game
      BooGame Game Framework (

      3) Link to website of the game

      4) Link to screenshot

      5) Very short description of the game
      BooGame is an object oriented, CLS-compliant, 2D game engine framework that provides high-level hardware accelerated video, audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, embedded scripting and many image formats. Written in C#, BooGame targets .NET 1.1, 2.0 and Mono platforms.

      6) Any comments about development
      Language: Boo (
      In order to have Tile Studio support within BooGame, you export the map from Tile Studio to a Boo programming language script.  The script is then compiled during runtime and the generated map is used in-game.

    • Virus111

      Virus111 - 2007-01-10

      1. I don't really have a company, just making a game.
      2. Paradox
      4. don't have any screen shots yet
      5. an MMORPG, more info on the website
      6. Language: boo
      I want to make an online game, but I don't really know how to do it...... If you could make a tutorial, that would be great!

    • Sam (MobileDevLab)

      1. The Mobile Developer Lab
      2. Space Marine (working title)
      4. no screenshot yet
      5. side-scrolling action game set in space (think Duke Nukem 2D)
      6. This is the first Community Project run by the Mobile Developer Lab. It is a side-scrolling action game for mobile phones. The current version runs in DoJa, but a MIDP port is planned.

      We could really use someone who knows TileStudio to help optimize the level data.

    • Zander

      Zander - 2008-03-23

      1. Zander, GrayCoreSoftware
      2. Terra Aegrus 2
      4. (screenshots are from version 1 of the game.  No screenshots yet for version 2)
      5. 2D Old School RPG game, similar to Ultima.
      6. In Version 1 of Terra Aegrus, I developed my own map editor and it was a collosal waste of time.  I'm now using Tile Studio for version 2 and so far so good.  I'm using C# and DirectDraw.  It's so easy in Tile Studio to work on a map, click Generate Code, and then have my source code automatically updated. Good job.

    • MoZ

      MoZ - 2008-05-05

      The XNA Code Generator for Tile Studio is a project I am currently working, I'm hoping to eventually use it to build a top-down 'zelda-like' adventure game (kid friendly and oriented).

      1) David Higgins, Zoul Creations
      2) XNA Code Generator for Tile Studio
      4) in above link
      5) Not a game, more of an 'engine' built around Tile Studio
      6) Written in C#/XNA and TSD, does not currently require any external libraries or linked files (all files are generated by the TSD).  Currently, the development tile is under 2 hours ... and the project is very early on in it's development.  I'm hoping to extend it out to become a usable 'engine' based on Tile Studio for generating the maps (the 'engine' is solely for building/rendering the map)

    • Juan José Luna Espinosa

      1) Juan Jose Luna Espinosa
      2) Batiscafo
      5) Arcade, get treasures from deep sea
      6) java (j2me), 5 weeks of development. TileStudio used for terrain (visual and collision)

    • Bence Dobos

      Bence Dobos - 2009-06-02

      1) Bence Dobos (aka Albert)
      2) Flapo
      5) Guide the green ball through a multilevel maze. Destroy all bright tiles then enter the exit.
      6) Flash with haXe, swfmill, FlashDevelop. TileStudio used for graphics and map.


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