tileproxy beta 7 results in google error

  • Stephan Bauwens

    Stephan Bauwens - 2008-01-28


    I dont know if I'm in the right forum for this. This sourceforge thing is new to me...

    I'm an FSX flightsimmer and this weekend I tried the tileproxy beta 7. This is the first tileproxy version on my computer because I didnt know the project till last friday. I changed the configuration file to get some google results and I started my FSX in Brussels. I noticed a lot of activity in the tile-proxy-folder (on a different partition as suggested). I think more than 30Mb was downloaded, so I thought everything was working fine, but then a new screen popped with an error message of google. They interpreted my downloading as a virus attack and suggested me to run an anti virus and anti malware scan.

    So I wasn't able to fly over photo-real-brussels this weekend :-(

    Is there something in configuration to fix this problem?

    • fly-a-lot

      fly-a-lot - 2008-01-29

      Hi Stephan,

      Google's error message has probably nothing to do with your setup. (Except, maybe: in beta 7 preview 2 there is a mechanism which can be configured to convince Google for a while that you are indeed human and no robot screening Google's data, see point 2a below)

      Anyway, there is a principal problem regarding tile proxy: it loads _huge_ amounts of data. Actually your 30 MB is just a beginning, I'm afraid to say. Start flying and you will easily and surprisingly soon pile up hundrets of megabytes. So at a given point Google decides that's just enough and redirects the tile proxy requests to an error page.

      Well, to be honest, this doesn't make life easier ;). On the other side, Google probably won't ever get anything in return for giving away so much data, bandwidth, and computational power. So it's hard to blame them.

      There are basically three ways out of this.
      1. Don't use Google data, Virtual Earth for instance is a little more "tile proxy friendly". However, personally I don't like their data very much. In some regions they seem to be quite good (and sometimes better than Google's data), but quite often they are not so nice.

      2. If you don't have qualms, you could keep on trying. Clearly, this won't help to become Googhle's best friend, but if you are able to get a new IP address (disconnect from the internet for a moment and receive a different IP number from your internet service provider after reconnecting), you will be able to continue for a while. In case you can't change your IP address, you will have to wait 'til the next day (no idea if that will have to be 24 hours or until midnight in whatever time zone).

      2a. Configure "captcha_config" in ProxyUser.ini (not sure if this requires preview 2). This will give you some additional time. Instead of running into error messages you will first run into the same error messages, but after some time a window pops up and you'll have to type in a few letters from a picture (a captcha). This will work a few times, but at a given point Goggle will block you anyway.

      (3.) Reduce the amount of data you have to load. Well, actually you need to load even more data to get it really nice. So this advice is actually kind of useless. At least for my monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution the tile proxy's default settings are already looking kind of blurred.

    • Stephan Bauwens

      Stephan Bauwens - 2008-01-29

      Thank you for the quick answer!

      It looks to me as if the world is not ready yet to be downloaded in flight simulator ;-) though I find the idea that it is possible pretty amazing.

      I think I'll try again in a few years when FSXI or FSXII will be released without scenery but with a tileproxy instead. And I know it's folks like you that will make this possible so keep up the good work...

    • fly-a-lot

      fly-a-lot - 2008-01-29

      "And I know it's folks like you that will make this possible so keep up the good work..."

      The honor goes to the author of the tile proxy project!!! But I fully agree, Christian opened a window to a wonderful new world. And I surely hope the Microsoft guys will get the message: integrate sattelite maps and don't talk so much why that isn't the ultimate solution. The day will come we'll have world maps for spring, summer, in winter and at night right at our finger tips...

      Stephan, I didn't want to be demotivating completely. Since you spent the time already and got tile proxy working correctly with Google Earth, why don't you give Virtual Earth a quick try? Maybe Virtual Earth has good data for Brussels, just give it a quick try. Most likely it's a fair solution for one or another enjoyable flight :)
      In ProxyUser.ini watch out where "server=http://a*.ortho.tiles.virtualearth.net" fits in. I believe that that was the example right after Acme Global whatever.


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