Tilem does not launch under OSX

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I compiled and install Tilem succesfully but it does not launch. I'm working on OSX with an Intel macbook. GTK is installed too.

    Any idea ? Thanks  !

    • Benjamin Moody

      Benjamin Moody - 2007-06-29


      I'm guessing the problem is that you haven't installed any ROM images.  Unfortunately the GUI doesn't yet have a nice way of letting you do this the first time.

      When you first run TilEm, it will create a directory called ".TilEm" in your home directory.  (The initial dot means it's hidden, so you won't see it in the Finder or directory listings by default.)  Within .TilEm you'll find subdirectories called ti73, ti82, ... ti86.  Copy your ROM image into the correct directory and you should be ready to go.  I believe the ROM file needs to have a ".rom", ".bin" or ".clc" suffix.

      If you don't have a ROM image, there are a few ways you can get one:

      (1) Download a complete ROM image from your calculator, using TiLP II.

      (2) Download a partial ROM image using Andree Chea's rom8x, and install an OS upgrade from TI's website.  You'll have to compile the program yourself, but it's not too difficult.

      (3) Use one of the ROM images from TI's SDK (which includes the 73, 83+, and 83+ SE.)  This requires you to have a Windows PC to install the SDK on.  It might work with Wine, I don't know.

      (4) Use the free boot code, BootFree (which supports the 73, 83+, 83+ SE, 84+ and 84+ SE.)  This is rather complicated and I don't recommend it for most users at the moment, but you can try it if you like.

      Hope this helps!


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