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TilEm II should be ported to Android

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sure, TilEm wouldn't last a day in the Google Play Store, but send out word to someone like AndroidPolice that you're coding a TI-8x emulator that'll work with ANY TI calculator and you're bound to have a waiting list on your hands.
    I hope the developers see this. I wish I could do this myself, honestly. At least the TI-84 Silver Edition. I have the ROM I ripped from my calculator. I just want to run it on my Samsung Galaxy S III, though I was disappointed that the only way that would be possible is if I installed a full Linux distribution on my phone. Not my cup of tea.

  • Benjamin Moody

    Benjamin Moody - 2012-08-19

    Sure, I'd love to make this happen.  It's certainly possible.  I myself have very little experience with Android, though.

    The first thing we would need is a user interface design.  Not just pretty pictures - I want to have a clear idea of what features the program would provide, and exactly how they would be accessible to the user, so as to be both easy to use and follow Android UI standards.  Menus, dialogs, button controls, touchscreen controls - I want to know where everything fits.  How does the user load a ROM file initially?  (Where and how would the files actually be stored?)  Switch between ROM files?  Import/export program/variable files?  Take screenshots?  Link two calculators together?  What else?

    A secondary issue is the visual design: is it possible to fit the calculator display plus 10 rows of 5 buttons on the screen at once, and have everything remain legible?  If you did that, would the buttons be large enough to press reliably with your fingers?  Could the keypad be rearranged to make it easier?  If the buttons are too small, could we have a button to switch between two (or more) subsets of the keypad?  (What subsets should those be?)  What about the display - can we restrict it to an integer zoom factor to avoid the need for anti-aliasing?  Is the device's resolution high enough that we could forget about anti-aliasing entirely?

    You'll notice that you do not need to be a programmer to answer any of these questions - of course, we'd welcome an experienced programmer, but what we really need here is the user's perspective. :)  If you'd like to help, let us know.


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