Great revamp of tilem, now we need tiemu.

  • xperia64

    xperia64 - 2012-11-10

    Literally the only thing missing from TilEm is sound support and that is trivial. TiEmu however needs to be redone, preferably on the same framework as this new TilEm. TiEmu currently tries to use a system of virtual keycodes, aimed at windows users. They tried to port these virtual keycodes to linux but often the keys fail. Also, I compiled both TilEm and TiEmu on my openpandora handheld and TiEmu refuses to show skins while TilEm shows the skins perfectly.

  • Thibault Duponchelle

    Thank you for your feedback !

    Glad to hear you enjoy TilEm2 :)
    The sound support was added recently to TilEm2 (it should work fine with the latest revision 706 when I write this message).

    We are not involved in the TIEmu development even if we are not completely stranger to it :)
    The main reason is the fact that TI8x(TilEm2) and TI89/92/V200 (TIEmu) are not the same cpu family.

    As you have probably noticed, TilEm2 uses the same libraries for linking tasks and exactly the same skin file format.
    So it's curious that the skin wasn't displayed with TIEmu, something is wrong elsewhere.

    I'm not really aware about what you say when you talk about virtual keycodes.

    While reading some recent report on the TIEmu website, it seems there's some other report about what you mentioned.

    What I could recommend is to post something on the TIEmu sourceforge page (even if it will maybe be classified as "duplicate") :

    One more time thank you for your message :)

    Best regards.


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