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Windows installer

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    It may be in fashion with Windows, but if possible I'd prefer a standalone package instead of an installer: with adding ROM and config files to the directory, it's a lot more easy to archive.

    The package could be a zip (or 7z) archive with exe, libraries and folders (etc, lib, share). The exe could create in his folder the config.ini (and possibly menurc) file if it does not exist.

    This way, we can simply add our ROM, and maybe another skin, in the folder (or a subfolder).

    Other well-known emulators like Dolphin or DeSmuME proceed this way, and I prefer. :)
    But maybe some prefer an installer? However, a calculator emulator is rarely used by basic users…

    What do you think?

  • Benjamin Moody

    Benjamin Moody - 2012-08-15

    Well, I think that it's impossible to please everybody.  When I have in the past released Windows programs without an installer, I've gotten a lot of complaints about it.

    (By the way: TilEm is not just for geeks.  If it were, I would not be making Windows binaries.)

    Of course, there's nothing magic about the installer; it just unpacks the files to a location of the user's choosing, adds icons to the desktop and start menu, and does so in a user-friendly way.  If you don't want the start menu and desktop icons, uncheck those options.

    Storing configuration files within the installation directory (obviously only possible when the user can write to that directory) is something I had considered early on, and actually already works to an extent, although it isn't documented.  It would make sense to make this work properly and make it the default for single-user installations.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It's an old arguing, but being a "geek" is not necessarily related to the choice of operating system.

    But I understand your point of view. Besides, this software is mainly designed for Linux.
    Your work about the location of configuration files is welcome. :)

    Thanks for your answer.


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