Two-week Canadian Spring TikiFest

The Tiki Community is planning a two-week, two-city TikiFest (code sprint) in Canada this spring. All members of the Tiki Community, as well as anyone interested in wikis and content management systems (CMS) are invited to join us!

TikiFest Montreal
TikiFest Ottawa

The first event, April 11-14 in Montréal is planned to cover Tiki security, improvements to CartoGraf and Tiki Maps, and the new TimeMap feature (a timeline for maps). Also, we'll be working on and our integration with the Kaltura video management application.

Then, the TikiFest travels to Ottawa for April 16-22. Planned topics range from UX and themes, to continued integration with BigBlueButton, to a preview of the upcoming Tiki 11. There will also be several Tiki workshops on customization, configuration, and consulting.

For detailed information, visit For complete information on all TikiFests and community events, see the Tiki calendar:

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