Had an interesting idea this morning. Probably not high priority, but it might be really easy to implement.




I have started a blog using Tiki, where I talk about what I have learned over the years on Agile Software developement in a Research and Development context.

In the three weeks I have been doing this, I find myself pointing to Wikipedia pages over and over, whenever I need to refer to a specialized concept that my readers might not understand. The way I do it now is like this. Say I want to refer to the concept of Code Refactoring. Then I will write ((code refactoring)) . Then I will create a wiki page code refactoring, and put a redirect plugin on it, so that it forwards automatically to this page:


Then, whenever I need to refer to code refactoring, I can just write code refactoring?.

It occurred to me that it might be useful to have a special wiki link syntax to make this easier. For example, I could write code refactoring?, and this would be rendered as if I had typed: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/code_refactoring|code refactoring] .

I can see other application of this concept for other well known sites that provide information about known entities. For example: Marc Laport? would point to this page:



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