I am getting notified of new blog postings. It’s the comments that I am not getting notified about.


Note that the same bug is also present for comments posted to wiki pages. This is something I reported about 2 years ago. At the moment, there is absolutely no way for a site admin to monitor anonymous comments being posted on wiki pages (or any comment for that matter). This has been a major pain on wiki-translation.com, and I have had to disable anonymous comments on it.


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what if there is a new blog post?

On 2011-04-14 8:49 AM, "Desilets, Alain" <Alain.Desilets@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca> wrote:

I installed the Blog and Personal Space profile on TW6. It works pretty well, but I still have a problem with it. Try as I may, I can’t set things up so that I am notified by email about the comments left by users on my blog. This is important because I want to allow anonymous comments (with Captchi of course).


Here’s what I did:

- Made sure “User Watches” is enabled  

- Made sure sender email is correct

- Logged in as alain_desilets

-- Went to My Tiki, and made sure my email is correct

-- Clicked on the eye icon above the blog (the whole blog, not just a particular blog entry)

- Logged out

-- Went to the blog as anonymous user, and posted a comment


- I never received an email notification


I have done all the above steps and verifications 3 times, just to be sure.


What am I missing?




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