Sven, I found this message unread and buried in my inbox.  Thank you for replying.  I did check the database and all tables are utf8_general_ci

I worked around this by no longer using the bloglist plugin.  Too bad though, I do like that option, but the plugin just doesn't work in 9.x

Thanks again



On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 7:14 AM, Sven Leutloff <> wrote:
Hi Greg,

Am 2012-11-18 03:45, schrieb gmartin:

> I upgraded my site from 6.3 -> 9.2 today.  The home page is a blog
> and for
> some reason all the posts are displaying html markup instead of
> formatted
> posts.  I imagine there is something I need to turn off or on.  Help!

I have visited your website.

I think, this might be a problem with converting to utf8.
It looks like a little bit my old problem...

Please visit your database with phpmyadmin to check wether or not all
tables are converted to utf8 or if there are tables in latin1 or
something like that.

If yes -> I dont know :-(

If not -> 1. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE!  2. Run the
tiki-installer, have a look at your database-setup, re-enter the old
parameters (Donīt change anything!) and check / mark at the bottom of
the page the "Conversion to utf8" field.


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