Hi Xavi,

Thanks!  You saved my day! 

Kim, Jean

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Xavier de Pedro <xavier.depedro@vhir.org> wrote:
Hi Jean:

Search for this word "memcached" in the mysql table tiki_preferences, and change the setting directly there (with phpmyadmin or similar)
Hope this helps

On 29/11/12 09:19, Jean Kim wrote:
OS: Ubuntu 12.04
tiki: 10.x (latest)

foollowed the instruction in "doc.tiki.org" and Installed the "memcached" 
and all of a suddent, I can't log in.  
ran the installer several times and 
even went to the phpmyadmin and changed the password for admin (other accounts w/ admin prviledge as well)

and Tiki keeps sending me back to the login page.  
Is there way to uncheck the "memcached" checkbox in the Admin/Performance page from a shell?
Kim, Jean

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