That must be one that was closed by mistake. Please re-open. (you should have perms)

For new ones:

Please use show to demonstrate. It works very well.


On Sep 2, 2013 1:41 PM, "Olivier" <> wrote:

I heard about changes in the bug repport system, but got lost in the discussions before the end.
I made in the past a bug repport that since has been closed without being resolved, should I ask for its re-opening?

I also have a small list a bugs for tiki9 that I don't know where to post. Should I rather use one of the mailing list? If then which one? Or should I use the revamped bug tracker, which I heard was geing less attention?

I guess this would gain to be clarified on dev.t.o, I would gladly help to do it.


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