On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Frank Guthausen <fg-tiki2012@datenschutzraum.org> wrote:
On Thu, Aug 08, 2013 at 06:36:47PM +0200, Jean-Marc Libs wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 3:36 AM, Frank Guthausen <
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> > If anyone is around or close to Bonn at the end of this month, visit
> > FrOSCon. Of course any kind of help at the booth is appreciated. ATM
> > things are not clear, we didn't have got assembled a sufficient huge
> > team for running the booth yet. There's only one week left to cancel
> > the booth, [...]
> Well, if we man a booth, I will come over from Strasbourg to help hold
> the booth as I said.

I tried do set up a mixed booth with three organizations, and we are
three persons yet, and two of them did not yet tell me 'GO'. I doubt
a booth is possible. I'm very close to cancel it, but I give it one
more week to see how things develop.

My hope was also to meet you and a bunch of fellow Tikiers from around the place and exchange experiences.
It seems that thre has not been any positive feedback on that side, what with people being on holidays and some parts of germany actually being rather far from the place (seems like everything is far from that particular place :-) )

Seeing how things don't seem to develop, I guess it's a "cancel"?

Jean-Marc "Jyhem" Libs

Next point is accomodation, I'm not involved in St. Augustin local
possibilities. However, there are possibilities in Düsseldorf. Hotel
in St. Augustin is IIRC ~40 EUR per night, but I'm going to travel with
train each day. This are ~70km from Düsseldorf. Maybe I can organize a
car. This means, accomodation in Düsseldorf is possible, too. Of course
there is another possibility: accomodation in Bonn or Cologne. I do not
know about details, but maybe you can find a cheap trade off between
daily traveling and accomodation.

> I would be also happy to stay some time afterwards and discuss
> Tiki-related stuff.
> Who else mentioned interest? Torsten? Luci?

There is a hackerspace in Düsseldorf, and there are chances to meet
there during the non regular opening times. Internet (WLAN) available.
There is a possibility for (non expensive) accomodation close to that
location, and both are quite central in town.

A few days after FrOSCon, Wednesday August 28th 2013, there will be the
monthly FSFE Fellowship meeting at this location. I'm not sure about the
language at this event (de/en), but usually switching to English is not
too difficult. AFAIK there is no prepared lecture with German slides.
This will make things easier. I suppose something like a "Mini Tikifest"
would be possible.

One day later, Thursday August 29th 2013, there is the monthly meeting
of our local Düsseldorf Linux User Group (DLUG). This is an open meeting
in a pub with open minded people and topics way beyond Linux only. Even
if FrOSCon preparations for the booth are not best, we can have a time
and share knowledge. Please let me know whether you want to join and
have a little summer vacation and whether I should prepare something.