Sounds like a bug with pagination.

Is this in directory batch upload or in a regular file gallery?

To facilitate mass file management, I suggest: with

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M :-)

On 2011-04-16 8:30 AM, "Gaston Huot" <> wrote:

I'm in a process to move a lot of file from a web site to a new Tiki web
site. So I'm dealing with a lot of files. First, I loaded the files in a
temp Gallery directory, and then start to move items to the right

To do that I asked Tiki to display 200 files of my temporary Gallery
directory. I then selected the ones I want to move, then clicked on the
little arrow to move them. Tiki then came back with a list of 25 files,
mostly not selected because there where not part of the previous selection,
and asked for the target Gallery directory to move the selected files. At
that point, it didn't show most of the previously selected files since it
just displays 25 files. Thinking Tiki had retained the others, I selected
the target and clicked on the move action. The result : only the ones
selected and viewable on the "phase 2" were moved. There is some kind of
catch22 situation here ? Is this the correct behavior for this quite basic,
but important, function ?

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