Thanks Olivier.
I'll mis the huge structure (it was useful to some of us, at least, as a "site map" where a simple "Cctrl+F" in the homepage allowed you to find quickly the page you were looking for (if you vaguely remembered its name or some keywords, etc).

Hopefully, all the improvements to the "search" feature in the last versions will make us find aswell what we are looking for there at any time, etc.

So thanks for all your effort and work to improve our documentation system.


On 02/09/13 19:30, Olivier wrote:
Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know some change of organization on
I have recently been taking further the revamp proposed by Rick a couple of years ago, which mostly involved splitting the one mega structure into several smaller guides, and it is now starting to make good shape.
You can have a look at the new structure here:

The last created guide is the "admin guide", and as I am not really a tiki power user (as much as I would like to), organizing this one is not my cup of tea.
So, to you, cream of tiki webmaster, I am asking to have a look at it and propose improvement, be it moving pages around or adding new pages.
The admin guide can be found here:

In other related news, the menu is currently being updated to match the new structure, and offers now access to any page in one click.
The old documentation structure should be deleted in the coming month if no-one object to it, so to make all pages have a default and unique structure.

All the best,