Hi Rick, thank you for answering,

On 18/09/12 19:24, Rick Sapir wrote:
> You can create pages with categories by using two different methods:
> 1. With the Quick Edit module, you can use the categId parameter to
> assign a category to a newly created page. Please see
> http://doc.tiki.org/Module+quick_edit for details.

This seems like it'd only work in the most simple case - the category must be hardwired into the module declaration by an admin, and each category/group (=workspace?) would need its own hardwired module declaration.  If any other means of creating a page was used, there'd be a puzzling "access denied" error.

My use-case is that that there are a dozen or so branches of an organisation which need to have edit access to a subset of the wiki.  They need to be able to add pages and delete them from their own category.

> 2. Use the "Force and Limit Categorization..." option to require that
> users select a specific category when creating new pages. Please see
> http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki%2BConfig#Force_and_limit_categorization_to_within_subtree_of
> for details.

This seems inappropriate for my use-case.
 - I don't want to force categorisation for everyone, it'd be an annoyance.
 - I don't want branch users to be able to select just any old category for their pages
 - I also don't want all branch users to have the *same* fixed choice of categories. They should only be able to assign pages to a category for a group they belong to, and so the list of allowed categories will be different for each user.

lphuberdeau mentioned on IRC that "actually, this used to work, but it was so unused as a feature that it broke sometimes between 4 and 9 - restored in 10 with the new workspace ui, hoping more people will use it and the feature will keep working".  So there's a new Workspace UI?

Jyhem mentioned on IRC that there's a "default group" which can be set for each user, and a "default category" for each group.  So objects created by a user can be set to go in their default group's default category (which of course must be made editable for that group to work).

This sounds like it ought to work, but my experiment (in 9.0) I still get "access denied" trying to create a page, which is presumably the regression lphuberdeau is talking about.

(Even if it did work, Admins would have to remember to set each branch user's default group as well as their group membership, which seems like a potential pitfall if they forget).