#863 Enhance Searchable Fields for Images


Many image formats (Jpeg and Tiff in particular) can
have a number of textual fields inside them. These
fields are mostly used for the name of the
photographer, the picture, date produced etc.

In a picture library, photographers use these fields to
categorise their images, add in the keywords which
people will search for, and also add in phtoographer

The Tiki image gallery feature could/should analyse
images as they're added and populate database fields
with this information. Clearly this will require a
database table with a superset of fields in it so that
all file formats can be supported.

If this feature were implemented, it would mean that
(in theory at least) a user could create a picture
library of many, many images, each automatically
categorised and organised. Further, users could search
for the kinds of images they want by typing in
keywords, or selecting a photographer, or a physical

Clearly this requires that the images uploaded have
these fields set. Most users won't do this, so the
system must not appear degraded if this is the case.
Picture library creators will of course be more
diligent so should easily be able to "switch on" the
enhanced capabilities.


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