#861 "Remember where i was" page and go to items after validation

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While working of a large tracker tikiwiki build several
pages to display the items (which is good). But tikiwiki
don't remember on which page the user worked when
getting out from an item to the list.

For example, while working on the items in my tracker
(tiki-view_tracker.php) i travel to page 2.

There i have some changes to do on several items.
I open the first one (tiki-view_tracker_item.php), edit,
save it, then want to get back to the list i was working

Aoutch, no way !
I have to click "View this tracker items" (tiki-
view_tracker.php). That will take me back to the list at it
start (page 1) then i should go to page 2 and go back to

This is funny when searching a friend address, but for
productivity and a large tracker... disqualification !

(this added with the next/prev feature should give
enought flexibility to move closer tikiwiki's tracker to a
professional environment).


  • Bernard Sfez

    Bernard Sfez - 2005-03-31

    Logged In: YES

    I thought to an easy way to set things right while
    submitting... :)

    A simple workaround could be a second "submit button"
    kindof "save changes (or not) and get back to list".

    1/ The user can save and go straigth to the list (this is also
    needed !)

    2/ Easy this way to get back after save where the saved
    items has been displayed at first in the list.

  • Bernard Sfez

    Bernard Sfez - 2005-03-31
    • summary: "Remember where i was" page display after validation --> "Remember where i was" page and go to items after validation

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