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it would be really great, if there would be an admin-
option to "beautify" the used URIs throughout the whole
system ... just two examples to clarify the idea:

would become sth like

would become sth like

I assume that this will not be an easy task just with the
apache mod_rewrite ... I tried the rules from tw.o, but
they did not have any effect. Additionally, all
the "internal linking" would have to be changed to
these "cleaner" URIs! I suppose everyon agrees
that "cleaner" URIs are all in all sth very good, or are
there any hidden disadvantages?



  • Philippe Cloutier

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    As far as I know there is no way to do this without the
    rewrite rules. Do you know one? Creating directories like
    view-forum-thread/4/ is really a dirty thing.
    Internal linking may require more server load to convert the
    links, I don't know if it's really desirable.
    If you can't get the rewrite rules working you may want to
    make this a Support Request instead.

    The thing that's still not so good about rewrite-rules is
    that you get the raw URIs to copy-paste, but I think that
    since they will likely only be clicked or re-copy-pasted
    it's not so problematic.

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2004-01-21

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    Rewrite rules is the most prevalent way this is done. It
    does require modifying all the "internal linking", as
    derjanosch suggests. I would like to see this as well but
    it requires redoing all the internal links. Also,
    mod_rewrite requires Apache so users of other web servers
    would not benefit.

    The current rewrite rules with the .htaccess file does not
    truly provide "clean" URI's.

  • Philippe Cloutier

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate

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