#2000 BlockQuote HTML dropped in Articles


Articles can accept HTML coded articles.

The problem is that if the HTML contains "<blockquote>
text goes here <blockquote/>", the normally indented
text is no longer indented but flush with the left
margin and the font is changed.

Strangely enough the font is changed and then changed
back at the precise locations where the indented
paragraph should have started and then completes.

No idea why.

But blockquotes are correctly formatted using indented


  • lmettler

    lmettler - 2005-11-20

    Logged In: YES

    Updating this item for category / group / subject line or other
    data. No real change to the item, just house-keeping.

  • lmettler

    lmettler - 2005-11-20

    Logged In: YES

    The HTML problem does exist but not as originally posted.
    Since there is a work around to this and possibly other
    problems, the work around will be explained.

    The problem is noticed when trying to submit Articles using

    When using HTML for articles the use of HTML does need to be
    enabled. If so, the checkbox at the bottom of the input box
    will be checked as to allow HTML.

    However, when entering HTML it must apparently be in the RAW
    HTML form. This may stand to reason I suppose. However, when
    the HTML page is Previewed, the raw HTML is previewed. This
    is a bug (or wrong feature) simply because a user would
    expect the preview to match the final saved page when it is
    show to users. But this is not the case. The raw HTML is
    shown instead. When saved and then viewed on a browser, the
    final formatted version does appear. This is fine but you
    lose any value of being able to preview HTML articles.
    Assuming you can draft perfect HTML the first time or are
    simply copying an HTML doc from another source, this is
    fine. But any benefit of previewing the Article before going
    live is lost.


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