#1955 User watch for new articles has confusing name



  • Philippe Cloutier

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Philippe Cloutier

    • labels: 544453 --> Feature Partially Broken
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sylvieg
    • summary: notify on new article missing code - fix inc. here --> User watch for new articles submissions not working
  • Philippe Cloutier

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    As far as I can see this comes from a little
    misunderstanding by sylvie, so I'm assigning her the bug so
    that she can confirm or deny that I interpret this right.
    The "A user submits an article" watch as seen in
    tiki-user_watches.php is new in 1.9. Since 1.8, sylvie moved
    the articles watch there from tiki-view_articles.php. When
    it was there, it was a monitor icon and indicated in alt
    "monitor articles". This was a way for users to monitor
    newly published articles, but not submissions. However,
    there *is* a "A user submits an article" watch in
    tiki-admin_notifications.php. But this is an "EMail
    notification watch", not a "User watch". And both aren't the
    same. This is also what indicates artlib.php. function
    replace_article does triggers a user watch event, but not
    function replace_submission, which calls
    $notificationlib->get_mail_events instead.
    If this interpretation is right, then the fix would be to
    change the name of the User watch.

    Sylvie, if your changes are a bit old in your memory, you
    can check at

  • Sylvie Greverend

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    My answer to Chealer....
    The user watchs an article is in Mytiki->My watches.
    So far on my local site, It works perfectly for me. (don't
    miss up with articles that must be validated by an admin) .
    Perhaps this is the problem

    And at the admin level, there is an article watch that works
    for me also

    So I don't understand your reply Chealer

  • Philippe Cloutier

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    Sorry sylvie,
    there was a private discussion between me and Peter and it
    didn't occur to me that the bug was actually not well
    described. Let me do that before we can't understand each other.

    Procedure :
    As admin, add a watch for "A user submits an article".
    As another user, submit an article.

    Result :

    Expected result :
    A mail notification about the submission is received by admin.

    It seems that the admin will receive the notification when
    the article is accepted, but not just on submission.

    So sylvie, can you reproduce this or you get a mail when a
    user simply submits an article?

  • Peter

    Peter - 2005-05-02

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    Ok, well nice to see some discussion here thought I should
    maybe clear up a bit about what is happening.

    - a registered user goes to MyWatches and ADDS as a watch "A
    user submits an article"
    - admin goes and posts a NEW article
    - thats it nothing else happens

    I assume that at that point the user should be email
    notified that a new article has been posted.

    I must admit I have submitted article as admin and not
    simply as another registered user but looking at code I am
    pretty sure it doesnt matter. If you check out the link (to
    TW forum) that I posted when I raised this bug report you
    will see what I think is the missing few lines of code.


    Not sure how sylive had it working before unless the code
    has been removed for 1.9.0 release but I think; if I got
    the code right no way this could work since
    article_submission object type will fall to default case
    in the switch statement and therefore will have $res['perm']
    = FALSE and then no list sent to email notify routine.


  • Philippe Cloutier

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    OK, it looks like we were all confused by this. I didn't get
    the problem reported at first. I fixed the problem that
    Peter reported, which is a regression since 1.8 due to
    increased security. However, the problem I spotted remains.
    Sylvie, if you don't understand the remaining issue, I'll
    just rename the watch to "Monitor articles". When you say
    "Perhaps this is the problem", I'd reply "Yes, this is the

    Thanks Peter

  • Philippe Cloutier

    • summary: User watch for new articles submissions not working --> User watch for new articles has confusing name
  • Philippe Cloutier

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    Someone needs to find a new name for this watch


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